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A Sneak Peak at Our Big News…

We are working hard over here.  Myself, my Hubby, and the kids too.  Everyone is doing there part to help with our big news.  WE ARE EXCITED, about what is to come, but right now we are just grunting it out.  Working with our noses in computers and behind the camera doing all sorts of things.  I am especially excited to share it here with you, MY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!  You have hung here with me for over a year and read along while we limped, and prayed, and lived, and I hope this will go on and on, but along with it we are launching a little project close to my heart.  Something that has been in the works since we were waiting to travel to Ethiopia 4 years ago.  God is bringing it to fruition!  We may be crazy(and have some serious sleep deprivation), but it sure is fun watching a little dream come to life!  Here is your sneak peak- there will be more details to come in the weeks ahead so get ready because I am going to need you to pass the word along, (you know you want to!)…


Love to each of you…

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  1. laura jones

    love to you too!! xoxo

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