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Well, since we are celebrating over here, it is a perfect time to let you in on our secret…

There have been many good guesses at what we are up to, most of which was the announcement of a new child, but the answer to that one is NO, at least not this year! (but all those who kindly suggested that a new child would be a good idea I will give you my husbands email address so you can make that wonderful suggestion to HIM!!!) :o)

Our big news is the announcement of our new Family Business ADOPTED PRINTS PHOTO BOOKS

God gave me this sweet little story called Love Brought Me Home over 4 years ago now and since then we have prayed for a way to make this a reality.  I had wanted to get the story published in a way that other families could personalize it so that they too could have a sweet PERSONALIZED story to read to their little ones, and IT IS FINALLY HERE!


And LIKE us on Facebook!!!!  You all know that I am not best friends with Facebook, but it seems the best way to get the word out.

So GO DO IT!  And if you do that tweety thing, you could do that too!

If you are not an adoptive family, then contact all the ones that you know and tell them about it, AND LIKE US ANYWAY.  And IF YOU ARE AN ADOPTIVE MAMA, then can you spread the word to your community of other mama’s like you?

We are excited, we have many more books planned, and welcome home announcements to add, and maybe one day we will add some of our cute handmade dollies to the site too!

We are praying that THIS IS A BLESSING TO OTHERS…

A way to celebrate rescue…

A hand to pull you out of the hard that can so easily overtake you during this journey…

An everyday way to celebrate the joy of lives saved and welcomed home…

A little bit of our love, in your home, and in your kiddos’ hearts.

That’s what I am hoping for!

So go and spread the word, will you?  And then stay tuned because when we hit 100 likes we are going to do a giveaway we are at 2 now – me and the hubby – so help us out :o).

And in all seriousness and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.  Even just for reading, you all are such a source of encouragement to me!

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