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An overdue update…

Life. is. crazy.  I don’t know of a better way to recap the past few months other than that!  Here is a quick picture rundown of the highlights.  There has been an adoption (finally!), Disney, a welcome home, Christmas, a birthday, and lots of other stuff going on around here.  One of our newest crazy life decisions is doing a Whole 30 and then moving onto a Paleo eating lifestyle.  Wow, talk about throwing me for a loop, it has been HARD!  More about my break-up with grains and sugar and our new life to come, it has been 5 weeks and I still feel like I am swimming in the deep end and need a raft!  But at least I haven’t drowned yet, right?

Ok now for the good stuff…

It is final and official, what sweet words to type- this is us with the judge.

Playing choo choo in the court house lobby after we finished the hearing- be still my heart!

We left that afternoon for a 3 day whirlwind Disney trip. Totally insane and absolutely NO sleep, but a fun memory to celebrate with the kiddos!

The best part of our trip was that I got to watch fireworks holding my boy. Three years ago when the battle began I stood in the same place without him (he was too little and frigile to bring along with us that day). I cried and cried knowing what we were facing. That night I told God that the next time I saw fireworks I wanted it to be with my boy in my arms- I pleaded with Him. I never imaged it would take three years, but what a joy it was, to FEEL God’s faithfulness that night, I know I don’t deserve an ounce of it, but I am so thankful He gives it to us anyway. Praise be to God!

On Christmas eve we got to welcome home darling Jonathan from Uganda and celebrate with his forever family, what a great way to celebrate Christmas! 

Here he is, home in daddy’s arms, SO SWEET! 

MG had a birthday, and turned 5. She was all excited to dress up for her dinner out! 

Birthday kisses from brother…

and Daddy… she is one lucky girl!

Ok, now that I am caught up it’s onto figure out what is for dinner.  Blessings to each of you! Carrie

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