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Welcome to the Farm!

Hello out there!

I. Am. Back.

The question is, are you?

It has been a while, ok more like 6 months, since I blogged and while it is not the suggested method to drop out of blog world right when community begins to happen, I just had no other choice as things around here reached a pivotal point (more like defcon 5).  I had no extra time for anything other than keeping up with my family.  Family first and sometimes being simply home, is just that… simply…home. You have missed a bunch in the past months so let me give you the quick catch up / run down…

First we lost our Pa Pa and my Daddy a few months ago to liver failure after a life long battle with alcoholism.  I say lost, but certainly he is not lost, in fact I would say he is finally found and with the Lord…free.  Hard for us, and so sad to walk through.  Still hard some days, I am sure I will share more about that in the coming days…

Second we wrapped up school and still have yet to start our new school year because we have been busy unpacking boxes so second grade and kindergarden here we come… in about a month… when I can find my curriculum and a pencil and some scissors would be nice too…

Third, we closed on not 1 but 4 houses total over the past month and bought a farm house out in the Carolina country and are settling into rural life on our 16 acres of land. So with out of the way… I am hoping you all come back and join our journey as we figure out God’s plan for us out here on this piece of land we now call home.  We have lots of big plans but right now are just trying to unpack the mountain of boxes that loom in our garage.  There are days I love it out here and there are days I don’t feel so cut out for farm life and just want to go back home.  Like today when the kids found the baby kitten they had named “little puddin” dead next to our back porch and out of all four kids I was the one to burst into tears… yea that’s me tough girl, right? So without further ado here is a little welcome to the farm photo tour for you.  The inside of the house will come with time and when I actually hang the first thing on the wall you guys will be the first to hear about it!  Looking forward to sharing it all with you… Carrie

A view through the trees

The long winding driveway, dispite it’s bumpy ride probablly my most favorite part of the new homestead

Our side pasture

The big trucks drilling our soon to be well. Bye bye brown water.


A few of our watermelons and cantaloupes that we have been enjoying around the table

One of the still alive wild kitty cats that call our porch home too. All 8 of them are beautiful to look at and help with mice control but they won’t let us get too close.

The boot line up. We have officially traded in the flops for more appropriate footwear for the farm.

Going fishing with Dad at our little lake.

A misty morning view from the front porch

Our first wild flower bouquet the kids and I made.

It’s good to be back and I hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Melissa Meide Matthews

    Hi Carrie! So happy to your post! I love reading your blogs and hearing all about your family. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad 🙁 Your new home is beautiful.

    • admin

      Melissa!!! It is so good to hear from you and so neat that we can re-connect here. Your mom messaged me too on facebook and it made my think of days at your house and making signs on print shop and going to putt putt to play skeeball! Give everyone a hug from me and I pray blessings over your family.

  2. laura Jones

    hey girl! welcome back. I have thought of you so often. The farm and house are lovely, how fun. God bless you Carrie. Thank you for the update! Hope you keep it up 🙂

    • admin

      Laura! I too think of you often and am so glad to hear from you! May God richly bless your bunch, praying for you this morning dear friend.

  3. Sharon Johnson

    Hi Carrie,

    Your farm is beautiful! Can’t wait to see it! It was so awesome to run into you at Publix in Simpsonville! What a blessing to see your smiling face!
    Look forward to meeting all your family. Thanks for update and pictures.

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