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A Song for our Kids

As the Father gave each of our children to us, so to he gave each one a song.  Some I sing every night and some only now and then but each is unique and special …

Our children need a benediction in their lives, they need something to reach for and then when they are still too far off to grasp it, they need to be lifted higher than their hearts and hands can.  They need love to sing over them to remind their hearts how wildly amazing they have been made and even more so, will become.  The world will dish out the “can’ts” and “won’ts” and “will never be’s” faster than they can catch them.  As their moms, as disciple makers, our benediction over our kids needs to be louder and even more consistent, filling up and overflowing into all those undeserving moments, the ones you would much rather scream into than bless.

In our home, I sing.  We sing praise songs and scripture. We worship together dancing and being silly while we work and play.  But I also sing my kids their own songs. Songs that the Lord gave me for each one of them when they were young.  I don’t read music and I certainly have never written a tune, but I can remember sitting on the couch when my Caleb was only a few weeks old just humming along and there it was, a melody that came to me over and over again.  And then words started flowing into my mind.  And as the first line came I asked Him for another.  I wanted a song that was His, not “This little light of mine” or “Jesus loves me” but a song my boy could grow into, that spoke to his potential and worth, written by the Giver of life.

I wanted it because this little gift was colicky and being a mom was harder than I thought.  I was knee-deep in brokeness and being buried alive by postpartum depression and I needed a sweet benediction over my boy that was hope and vision helping me see past the newborn blur.  I probably needed it more that day than he did, but God in His mercy knit his song into my heart and the first time I sang it to him it was seared into me.  I could sing it in the wee hours of the morning pacing the halls with him in my arms, I was bleary eyed and couldn’t remember my own name but that song came forth each time with power and clarity, it was His song and He had written it into my heart.

After Caleb, with the arrival of each child, I have prayed for a song and He has faithfully answered my prayers.  Some came quickly and others I had to wait months for.  They are all different, notes written on my heart alone in the dark rocking hours, some are silly and cute, and others carry the weight of glory with each word sung.  It is a gift and nothing of me, I know that full well.  It just got me thinking…

What if He has a song for each of us?  What if for every life born He sings a new song?  And what if we don’t hear those words because we never ask Him for them? What if the heavens are singing them now over our kids this very moment, songs of victory and love and belonging and truth?

He is fighting the world’s lies with truth in song but our kids aren’t hearing them because no one is singing to them in a voice they can hear.  Maybe He is waiting for you to ask Him for their song?  Maybe they are 18, or 32, or 3 days old and they need to hear their mama tell them how God sees them and sing over them with rejoicing.  Maybe they are so lost or will feel so lost that they need their song embedded deep down in their hearts so in that dark moment when they are all alone and need to hear, it will rise up from within them…the simple song their mama sang about them.  About how much God loves them and how great His plans are for them.  It is never too late to sing to your kids…  the question is will you ask Him for their song?


  1. Jana

    I just found your website tonight looking for a kangaroo project for tomorrow. I had to comment because this post (along with your Facebook post and a couple others) really touched my heart. I completely understand what you are talking about as the Lord DID give me a song for my first two. Adding another child, then twins, and homeschooling (with our first year in MFW)…the song has faded away and we are in survival mode. Thank you for stirring this up in me again. I am going to ask Him for their songs. 🙂

    • admin

      Jana, so glad it stirred you, sometimes we just need a little encouragement to look beyond our bunker to ALL that He has for us beyond those dug deep walls. Survival mode can be hard, but He meets us there in our midst of doing our days and turns us into extraordinary servants for Him. Praying right now along with you that He gives them to you beautifully and effortlessly. Blessings to you and your bunch, and so glad you found me!

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