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My Response to Halloween

As I sunk down in my morning chair with my hot cup in hand and started to discuss the plans of the day with my new farmer man, my mind began to fill with the questions of what to do tonight.  Although I do not like Halloween I am not absent from the pressures of how and what to do with my kids on nights like these.  What stance do we take, and how does that play out in the actions of life?  Do we participate in the trick or treating, do we find a fall festival to attend, how about trunk or treat, or maybe we should just hold up in our country house and pray for all the sinners out there… :o)

And then he said it, amidst the wringing of my hands and not wanting to deprive my kids -but wanting more to please my Christ, like a breath of fresh air it came… “Doing anything out of pressure, or fitting in, or obligation is senseless.  I am pretty sure the kids in Africa will not be worrying tonight about what they get to dress up in or if they will get any candy.”…


It blew in over my heart like a gentle familiar breeze and the Lord began to speak…

It’s not about what we choose to do or not to do tonight that matters most.  The Lord of Hosts is undaunted and unbothered by the silly ghosts and goblin bit.  Because truth is, He sees the real thing and knows that though they are foe, they have long been defeated.

But if we are His, I mean truly a people of God, then we have to have His heart today and every day for that matter.   We have to see past what serves us best and look to how we can serve.

This is going to look different for different people.  It may mean being the best house on the block with an open door so that you can open a heart to love.  It may mean dressing children up as salt and light and making what they wear something that shines His light for all to see.  It may mean spending a quiet evening at home ministering to your family, or gathering together to praise the Lord on a night when so many are filling the streets with the adoration of things other than Him.

For us, it is going to mean brownies and praise music and making a gift for our sponsor children to put in the mail because they don’t have a choice of what they get to do tonight. Just like every other night their choice is negated by their need to survive.  So we will gather and bless those who can’t ring a bell with light hearts because life can be heavier than we will ever know.

Whatever you choose to do tonight, we, as His people should shine bright.  We should pierce the darkness not with a spear of judgement and a gavel of division, but it should be our love that illuminates the dark of night.  As a mom I want to raise children who are not consumed with the traditions and the culture of men, but are caught up in the passionate pursuit of the Lord and His heart.  As a daughter of the King I want to be as close to His heart as I can be.  It is my privilege to partner with Him today as I seek to love and look like Him in an ever darkening world.  So go forth in Him today as light remembering that it is not WHAT you do that matters most, but WHY you are doing it.  As we seek to honor Him in ALL that we do, we will become a people of God whom He can move through- entrusting us with His power, might, and peace.

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