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Fall on the Farm and the “Farm Fridays” Post Start Tomorrow!


It’s our first fall on the farm and we can’t get enough of all the colors everywhere!  It is just such a gift to wake up to such beauty each day and we wanted to share a little of it with you!  We are also excited to announce our new plan for “Farm Fridays”.  We have been searching for a way to post more updates on farm stuff – to keep all those who live near and far up to date on the happenings here.  So each Friday we hope to post farm updates so you can stay in the loop!  We have lots going on here, from wood chips, to snow in November?!?, to bug infestations, to chicken coop building, to very sore backs and tired arms.  As we fall into bed each night we laugh at how LITTLE we did before we moved here!  Life on the land is lots of good, hard work!  We praise God for it and look forward to sharing much of it with you!

The driveway

in the back

on the lake

I just love acorns and we have SO many here and all different kinds, colors, shapes, and sizes. You know acorn crafts have been abounding!

Going on an acorn hunt

Happy Fall Yall!

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