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Christmas Decor

The King’s Tree

I love this season, but my heart breaks at how much it can not be about the Lord, even in my own home we get caught up in life and traditions and in so MUCH to do that it tires us out and weighs us down.  We are trying to simplify Christmas around here and make what we do purposeful in being about the birth and celebration of Jesus.  I LOVE all things Christmas but am tired of just doing what we do because we have always done it.  If I am going to put my effort and time behind something I want that something to be redemptive in some way.  So this year instead of our regular Christmas tree with all the cute reindeer and sleigh bells we decided to make a King’s tree.

We went as a family to the tree farm and found the perfect tree and cut it down ourselves.  It was our first time cutting down our own tree and it was such fun, a wonderful time outside as a family with hot chocolate, grandma, and a wagon ride!


After we got it home we began decorating it with all things heavenly.  I sorted through our normal box of ornaments and pulled out anything that would pass for stars or angels or heavenly hosts, I made sure to include some of the hand-made kids ornaments so as not to have any sad faces as we were decorating the tree!  The goal was to make the tree look like the sky above the manger the night our Savior was born, with twinkling stars and angels announcing His arrival.  After we strung all the lights and hung all the ornaments we placed our nativity at the bottom of the tree under the heavy branches bending with angels and glitter and stars.  We put the three wise men around the side of the tree as if they were still traveling to the baby since they weren’t there that night.


Next I wrote out many of our favorite names of God on burlap ribbon and placed them around the tree.

Jesus in Hebrew

The Holy Spirit in Hebrew and The God who heals

The God who sees

What a great tool to teach your kids about who the Lord really is, His names are magnificent and filled with power!  At the top of the tree we placed 2 crowns.  The first, a crown of thorns that we made from some thorny briars in the woods on our property.  And the second, a King’s crown.  I love the 2 crowns at the top, they give me chills when I look at them.  The juxtaposition of the servant King giving His life for mine and the King of Kings who rules and reigns and whom I get to serve with my life.  Wow, isn’t that what it is all about? 


Many blessings to you and your family as you prepare your hearts and homes for this season of celebration.

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