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Chickens and Eggs

Building Our New Chicken Coop, Come on Over and Take a Look!

That’s right 17 more mouths, or should I say beaks?  We want to introduce you to the girls, but first let’s start at the beginning with the chicken coop…

Of course with 17 chickens on the way a coop was in order, so we have been busy busy building our coop over the past month.  My new farmer man had only ever built a clock for his mom in 7th grade wood shop, and I have well, never built anything, so a 10 x 12 coop was no small task!  These were our plans…

Our one page blueprint

Thank goodness for kind people at Lowes, a patient and persistent husband, and a brother who lended a helping hand on not just 1 but 2 Saturdays.  It was a great project for the whole family and everyone helped raise it up, I even framed out the whole front wall myself.  It took a while and we learned a TON along the way, but it is finally done and the chickens have a nice new coop to call home, or as my husband calls it, The Coop de Bill!

Laying the Foundation

Hammering down our floor

A building lesson from Dad. The week we built this we did “coop school” instead of our regular books and they learned all about building with hammers and also how important it is to build our life on a solid foundation. SO many great bible lessons around the table this week.

Mazie learning to use a hammer

We learned how to use and love the speed square!

Raising the first wall

Kissin in the Coop!

Brothers building together

Caleb helping Dad shingle the roof

Taking a break for a little guy time

The little boys painting the coop door

My 4 turkeys waiting on the new chickens


The window is my favorite part!

We made the roost bars out of an old downed tree on the farm, turned out neat and free!

The chicken door

Our red door. I remember sitting on our little concrete patio in our old home in our tiny backyard talking about what we should name the future farm when God gave it to us. The Lord had led us to 1 Corinthians 3:7- Neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but Only God, who makes all things grow. We wrote it on our first garden boxes and Caleb and I came up with O.G. Farms from that verse – ONLY GOD FARMS. It is true, only Him, and what an amazing work He has done in our lives. May this coop and ALL the work of our hands here bring Him much glory!

The finished coop! I like to think of it as a chicken Chateau. We are thrilled with the finish product and thank the Lord for the hands, energy and supplies to build it. It was a wonderful time of family bonding, learning, and growing.

Next we had to get ready for the chickens…

The kids loaded the bedding into the nesting boxes

Someone is excited about the chick chicks

And finally they came, 16 girls and 1 rooster who hasn’t found his cockadoodle-do yet.  Our sweet neighbors moved this week and couldn’t take their chickens with them so instead of starting from scratch we bought theirs and thought we would get in some practice with full-grown birds before ordering our first batch of day old chicks.  So without further ado here are a few of our favorites….

One of the prettiest girls, who lays blue and green eggs- although we haven’t seen one yet… we are waiting!!

cute little chicken fannies!



Another pretty girl


The chicken in the front looks like a peacock in her wing pattern. God’s hand just blows us away in how intricately he created each living thing to be so beautiful!

First meal at their new home, yummy spinach!

Petting the chicken

After we unloaded chickens, trimmed their wings, chased one around that got away thanks to me, and checked on them in the coop, we locked ourselves in! Ooops, first lesson in building, don’t put a self locking latch on the door. Thank goodness Caleb heard our calls for help from inside the house and came to the rescue!!

Daddy and one of his new girls

So that is the chicken scoop!  Stay tuned for more updates from the farm!  Blessings from our family to yours!



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