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A Little Bit of Sick and a Little Bit of That: Farm Fridays

Our calender wall which remains in November :o( Oh December how I have missed you!

This has been my month… still stuck in November over half way through because a few days after Thanksgiving a stomach bug hit and took 2 weeks to get through.  Then after that one past we had about a day before someone started complaining about a sore throat which began round number 2 and I am still sick, like aching chills yucky sick.  So instead of parties and crafts and gifts and fun my month has looked more like essential oils, trying to scrape together meals, keeping up with farm chores and what school I could muster together, loving on sick kids, and trying to tame the ever mountainous dirty laundry pile.  While we have been homebound we have tackled a few little projects here and there and tried to be outside as much as possible as the weather has been nice and mildly cool.

While we were sick this week we did a day of acorn school. I will do a full post on that sometime, because they are really neat to study and we all learned a lot. One of the things we learned is that acorns can be made into chicken food if they are properly processed, so we collected a bucket and the kids are mashing away to make some free organic feed for our girls.

2 of our farm kitties licking up a little left over smoothie after lunch this week

Daddy mowing down the front pasture that is soon to be an orchard! We just ordered our first 20 fruit trees that will be going in February.

Sick Miah pretending to drive the mower, he is going to be a BIG help in a few years!

We decided to make use of a few old bails of hay at the front of our property and added them to the chicken pen so the girls have a nice ground covering to scratch and peck through on a day-to-day basis- Joshua learning how to use the pitchfork with daddy.

We added a small dump cart this week to our homestead to haul things around this place and the kids have had a blast riding around in it behind the mower. They ask everyday if they can go for a “hay ride”!

Our girls have been good girls and laying about 5-7 eggs a day for us. We love the rainbow colors!

The kids surprised us one day at lunch by putting on a nativity play. It was ADORABLE. Caleb narrated and directed everyone as to what to do when, it was precious. Joshua was baby Jesus, Jeremiah a shephard, and the oldest 2 Mary and Joseph. They used a bunny slipper as the lamb and a rocking horse for their donkey, and of course a light saber sword for a staff. Here they are all bowing to worship the King.

Such a cute baby Jesus!

We pray that your December is filled with wonderful things and that sickness is not one of them, but regardless of where you are or what you are walking through may it be filled with grace and wonder at our amazing and gracious King.

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