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Christmas Crafts

The Cutest Nativity Ever

I love nativities and we have quite a few of them around the house, but this one is my most favorite!  Probably because eight little hands helped make it and all the characters in it look so HAPPY!  Anyway, this is super easy to do, just collect your toilet paper rolls 1 for each character (and one paper towel roll for the angel if you want her higher in the air), pull out some glue, a pair of scissors, some scrap paper, and any embellishments you may want to include.  We used a little twine, some left over felt for head dresses and swaddling clothes, a few pipe cleaners, and some stickers for the wise men.

For unto us a child is Born…

Just cut your paper and wrap your toilet paper rolls, cut out heads (and draw faces), arms, wings and glue on.  I used hot glue as I do with most projects because I HATE to wait for glue to dry!  Glue guns are craft glue for the impatient, but if you don’t mind a little wait just use regular old white school glue- you can also staple the paper to your rolls or put a rubber band around them while you are waiting for them to dry.  Add your embellishments like a shepherd staff and swaddling clothes and you are done!  I did add a little piece of folded paper on the bottom of baby Jesus because his toilet paper roll kept rolling, and I wanted to be able to see his sweet face.  You could get super fancy with this, we just used what we had on hand and it turned out super.  A treasure to pull out year after year!

A sweet shepard who left the fields to come and worship

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