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A Note from your Absentee Blogger

Hi!  I thought I would pop out a quick hello and let you all know we are still here.  We have just gone through a very long run of sickness that still has me feeling off.  It seems that moving your family across several states into a new climate (brrr), going from city to rural, from neighborhood to farm, from friends to strangers can be a bit stressful?!?!

I am reeling from it all.  It is all finally sinking in.  The reality that our life just got turned upside down…that we now live in the country of country-est places and know no one…that I am trying to grow food to eat and get it before the deers eat it first…that I have four little children who I need to love and teach while I plant trees and feed chickens and plan for the future.  whew!  We have just stepped across the abyss and are thrilled to be following the Lord on this crazy journey, but that doesn’t make it an easy one.  I love my home, I love the peace and quiet, the beauty all around, but this is an ADJUSTMENT!  So be warned all you farm homesteading dreamers, starting from scratch can be a little overwhelming!

I am trying to post a post each week, but lately it is tough to just get meals on the table each night, so that is where we are friends!  We are settling in, praying really hard about how to meet folks and how to connect, about how He wants to use our family and our land to His glory, and how to REST in the midst of all of it.

REST… it is a reoccurring theme in my life, one that I have not always been obedient to follow… picture the Israelites going around and around that mountain in the desert… yep that is my journey with rest.  I have a hard time with it, in fact I think we all do.  It is easy to let busyness drive you, allow the next thing coming to fill the void so you don’t have to deal with the hurt or the empty or the ache.

Moving, doing, planning, striving, I am good at these, they make me feel comfortable, worthy, maybe even important.  But being still, being quiet, just being…not so much.

But. that. is. changing.

I have just entered into a year of rest, something the Lord has asked of me.  Not sure what it all looks like yet, and to be honest my first few weeks have FELT not so restful.  The Lord says rest and the enemy brings ANXIETY on STRONG.  But I am abiding still.  I won’t relent, I am pressing into HIM to enter HIS rest.  I will be sharing my journey along the way as the Lord leads and reveals himself to me, I am expecting Him to move and change this heart and meet me in my lack because He is so good and faithful and because He IS rest.

Thank you friends for walking this life journey with us and being faithful to keep reading even when I am inconsistent here.  I pray that won’t always be the case, that life will allow me the time and energy to be here more, because I am met somewhere somehow as my fingers find the keys and allow my heart to spill onto the page, I pray the Lord uses this little spot to bless you as much as it blesses me.  With much love… Carrie

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