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What We’ve Been Up To

These are our FAVORITE days, when we spot a huge rumbling dump truck slowly meandering down the long driveway with a load of fresh wood chips. It means we can cover more ground and that the Lord can begin preparing more soil for us to grow in.

This is the chicken bowl. I am not sure how I ever lived without it! It sits on my counter and gets everything that we don’t eat. I love to be able to steward food with no waste and the chicky girls, LOVE their bowl. They crowd around the gate as soon as you start coming their way just waiting for you to launch its contents in the air so they can fight over the apple cores and onion skins! It’s good old fashion fun watching them pick through it and run off with their favorite bits!

But what’s the best thing about the chicken bowl you ask? Well, after you wipe your nose from the ugly cry you just had in the middle of the kitchen after you burnt the whole family’s dinner to a crisp char, you buck up and realize that although you may have to start ALL OVER again and the little people laying at your feet may totally have a melt down when dinner doesn’t show up until 9:00 that evening, it is ok because the chickens are going to be eating good in the morning and none of it, not even a smidge is going in the trash. Because unlike your kids the chickens really couldn’t care less if their kale chips and grilled cheese are a bit blackened!

After many loads of wood chips and a few tractor runs we have our orchard rows laid out and also a row for berries. 17 trees and several berry bushes should be arriving in the next few weeks and we will have lots of planting to do. At this point it is one BIG experiment, but we are excited to learn more as we figure out this whole farming thing.

This beauty had a birthday complete with pink scarves and pink strawberry cupcakes!

She is six and growing up fast. She is learning to read s-l-o-w-l-y, which is AMAZING, and we are so thankful for her strong spirit and contagious laugh. God is growing her up into a wonderful little lady and we have expectant faith for all that He will do in and through her in the years to come!

We put our very first thing in the ground this week, ASPARAGUS! I have no idea if these will take because our ground is not as prepared as we were hoping in this spot because the wood chips are new, but we will see what happens. They arrived in the mail and needed a home before they began to mold and dry out, so we planted them and prayed over them, it’s up to God to do the rest!

The night we planted the asparagus God put the most beautiful harvest moon in the sky. As soon as the kids spotted it I ran for the camera and got it just before it slipped behind the clouds. What a sweet gift from our Father to bless us in the sky with a harvest moon the night of our first planting! I know He has good things in store for this place, but when He shows us in a tangible way, wow, it blows me away!

And because sometimes you just have to be a little vain… don’t you love my new manicure? Yea, so gone are the days of pretty nails and soft smooth skin. I have been putting these things to good use over here. So Dirt is the new polish, at least that is what I am telling myself every time I pluck a new black speck from under my nail beds!!!

Blessings to each of you from the farm, thanks for sojourning with us!

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