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Can I invite you over to the Farmhouse for a Room By Room Tour? We are Starting in the Powder Room!

We are finally getting settled in a bit and starting to make this house our home.  It is a slow process because most of our energy needs to be outside right now preparing soil beds and orchard plots and honestly extra energy can seem scarce these days with schooling and fooding and keeping things somewhat tidy around here.

So I thought it would be fun to take you all on a tour of the farmhouse room by room as we get them done-ish (because lets face it, plain done is just not going to be happening for quite a while). Interior design has always been a passion of mine and a job on and off over the years, but I haven’t gotten my hands in there in a while, and I have never decorated a farmhouse, so this is fun!

I have always thought this house was lovely and it stole my heart at first sight but as we began to move in we found it had been well lived in.  I wished that I would have had time to do some painting and fixing before we moved in, but that wasn’t possible.  So I am just now getting around to the list of to do’s in every nook and cranny.

I was thrilled to be able to check 1 room off of my to do list this week.  It is the smallest room in the house and so we went for it last weekend.  It feels so good to have 1 room done!   No tour would be complete without before and after photos so here is the before of the powder room:

Our budget for everything was under $200 and so I knew I had to keep the silver fixtures.  I had really hoped to replace them with rubbed oil bronze like the kitchen but it would have cost just about our entire budget for a new faucet.  So we kept the silver and worked it in.  The previous owners had glued a builders mirror to the wall and so when we took it down it left a mess that needed covering up.

So here is the new powder room:

I love the wall. We were going for an old shiplap feel and ended up using cedar fence boards because they were inexpensive and a great size to work with.


The mirror is a family heirloom and the lights are outdoor fixtures in tin.  I love being able to mix old, new, and found pieces all together.


An antique milk can is perfect repurposed as a trash can.


An old stool from my grandmother got recovered with some remnant fabric and makes a nice contrast with the gray chevron rug


My favorite part of the room by far are the photos from the farm my dad grew up on. Since my father passed away last year it was so special to look through all these old pictures and find the ones of him as a boy on his farm.  My grammy on a horse and my granddad that I never met (he passed away before I was born) with his big Hereford cow, just perfect!


A few fun baskets help hold the essentials mounted on some old weathered pallet boards.  And some O.G. Farm letters on the wall.


My dad with his prize Hereford cows at the county fair. A mix of new and old frames.

The best part of this room is the family story it tells.  I was able to use things from both my mom and dad’s parents in here and so it takes the design to a different place for me.  I love beauty but I love family history even more!

So thanks for coming over for a visit.  Lets do this again soon, I better get busy!!!


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  1. Sharon Johnson

    Carrie, LOVE your bathroom! You are so gifted! It was great to see you and meet your children this week! Look forward to our farm tour next Saturday!

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