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Coming up for Air…

Farm life is no joke folks!  LOL!  My life is full, fuller than full most days and I just can’t seem to squeeze blogging in there.  Several kind people have asked where I have been and so I thought I should get in a quick post after mowing the neighbor’s yard and heading into town to pick someone up from the airport.  You know after about a month away, the task of getting back to the blog seems… overwhelming and the months just start passing.  Where to begin?  I guess a quick run down of what has been going on the last few months would be the best place to start…

-I survived my first chicken massacre, when a dog got into our chicken yard and killed 3 of our chickens well he killed one, threw our rooster at my feet flopping around with his head severed and dying and left one other chicken so severely wounded that we had to kill it as the rest of the chickens were trying to eat it alive.  My husband was out-of-town on business and thank goodness my mom was here to help.  A neighbor kindly came over and did the deed of killing that last chicken because I was a wreck and couldn’t get it done.  It was traumatic and made me realize that farm life is sometime way more than I bargained for!

-We have planted out our entire garden over many weeks of long hard labor.  We lost a bunch of seedlings to a late freeze but everything else is growing, including the grass in our garden which is trying to take over and send me into depression, but it won’t win.  It may cut out all our veggies this year, but we will eventually prevail.  Making a garden on an existing pasture space even with deep mulching and covering the ground in layers of paper is tough, that grass just won’t die!  So I spend most afternoons “grassing” as we call it, pulling and pulling and pulling some more.  Once again a little more than we bargained for.

– among other feats I have been trying to make bread from scratch, by hand, with spelt flour and that is going well… depressing.  I just can’t get it.  The loaves are tough and crumbly and no one likes to eat them, so I have reintroduced regular old flour into the mix, GASP!  I am working through my flour issues and have pulled out the bread maker once again and am working toward a happy medium of a little healthy and a little yummy too.  My kids are thanking me!

-The puppies are HUGE and SWEET SWEET and master escape artists.  Which has led up to the daunting and necessary task of fencing them in.  My husband, neighbor and myself have spent hours stretching fence, pounding posts, and putting in a gate to keep our big guys in.  We are not finished yet, but are getting there.  When we are done we will have put in over 600 feet of cattle fencing.

-We also got 14 (well was supposed to be 15 but one died in the mail) baby chicks to help replenish our flock.  They are cute and growing fast too, we have a theme going on here these days!  Their fast growth has led us into the  task of building a chicken tractor that can double as their brooder because they are outgrowing their large cardboard box home and need to be put outside in the next week or so, but are too young to be put with the big girls quite yet.  So we are in the middle of chicken tractor construction this weekend and I am sure when all is said and done I will write a post about it.

-We just bought a ginormous 12 passenger van!  The silver bullet as it is affectionately named.  We have been sharing one vehicle for about 4 months now and desperately needed a farm workhorse to pull a trailer and help get the big projects done around here.  Bill saw a truck in his dreams and we were thinking that we would end up with an old farm work truck, but God stepped in and spoke to my husband’s heart on the future growth of our little family and how that could be combined with a work horse and voila, the silver bullet came into our life.  So we are ready for more children, or to start a day care or a taxi service or who knows!  But first I have to master driving the big ole thing and to tell you the truth the first time he made me get behind the wheel I cried ALL THE WAY HOME!  It’s true, I cried, but I love my mini van and now when I get to cruise around in it I feel footloose and fancy free, like I am driving a zippy little sports car or something!

-Speaking of family expansion, God is stirring the waters and our hearts again and we are filling out applications and praying, more on that soon. :o)

-Finally I am learning that we need to live seasonally here on the farm.  Do you remember my room by room house tour?  Yea, that isn’t happening any time soon.  There is TOO MUCH that needs doing in the fall and summer, so I need to save winter time when it is cold and yuck to tackle all the inside projects I need to get to.  Juggling love, school, meals, housework, farm work, animal care, and hopefully a little fun here and there keep my head spinning and my body tired.

So there you have it, the quickest run down I can muster.  I am hoping to get back to blogging a little more frequently but that is up to the Lord.  I am trying to follow Him close these days and do only what He gives me each day to do, otherwise I live in overwhelm.  So many blessings from us to you!

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