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An Adoption Update and Amazon Fundraiser: Shop for JOY!

It has been raining for over a week and our newly planted garden is flooded,  the chicken run is totally under water, but our home is high and dry so we are thanking God!  It is easy to grow discouraged when your hard work is foiled, when rows of baby sprouts get flooded and will most likely die, but it is an ever present reminder that He is God and we are not.  Our foundation verse out on the farm continues to teach us and ring true in so many ways.  “Neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who makes all things grow.” 1 Cor 3:7  It is all His, this land, this home, this family, and this adoption.  So we continue to ask Him incline His ears…

We finally got approval on our home study after months of it sitting on various desks in government offices, and we files for our I800A last week!  We were also officially matched with sweet Hannah in September in the system. Holt is having to file for an extension for us due to a slow state process with our home study in our home state, but we are confident that we will meet the deadlines before we need that full extension.   We also have finished all of our dossier paperwork so that when our I797 approval comes in we are ready to roll and will be mailing our dossier off to China!  So lots going on and lots more waiting ahead!  We are, more than ever, vary aware and the tender state of our world nationally and abroad and so we rest in His timing in this adoption, knowing He knows best and has it fully in His hands.

We have been so grateful as we have worked on paperwork to have sweet friends give of their time and resources to help fundraise for us!  The Fattahi and Ross family headed up a bake sale in the Florida heat that brought in over $600, we were just blown away!

Other friends had a doughnut and coffee sale to help as well as several individuals who have sent checks in the mail.  We are humbled and SO GRATEFUL for every penny that has come in we have raised over $3,000!  But more than that, we are encouraged that God is moving in the hearts of His people to be a part of loving and caring for the orphan.  We believe that there is nothing more dear to His heart than this work.

As we wait for the next steps and approvals we are stepping up our fundraising efforts.  And we have a really easy one for you…


If you notice in the navigation bar at the top of my blog there is a new link called SHOP.  That is an affiliate link that you click on that it will take you straight to the amazon home page.  If you use that link to access Amazon and then do your regular shopping of any kind we will receive a small percentage of the purchase towards Hannah’s adoption.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra!  

It is a small percentage, BUT if you use it A LOT and direct others to this link it can ADD UP to bless our family and to make one less child an orphan!

You can also use this link to access our affiliate page.

Really, this is about spreading the word and taking your time to make that extra click, that’s all!  I know that lots of folks will be doing holiday shopping soon so please share this link and let’s raise some money to bring our girl home!


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