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My mom and I shopped till we dropped this weekend to fill a tiny empty room with love that you can see. Our goal was to transform a used-to-be closet into a cozy bed room for our fifth child. But what the Father spoke to my heart as I drove home on the long, dark, country road was worth far more than any pretty room could ever be. He reminded me of a wedding…

In a typical Hebrew wedding, occurring in the days of Yeshua (Jesus), there was a long preparation period involved. In fact, the day that the bride and bridegroom were betrothed they were technically married. But, there would be a year-long process of preparation until they would finally consummate, celebrate, and begin living out their married life together. During this time of preparation the bridegroom busied himself with preparing a place for his bride. He was charged with getting his household in order so that he could welcome her with no distractions, having all the provisions they needed to begin their life together. And likewise, while the bride waited for her bridegroom to come, she also prepared herself for him. She readied herself to become another’s, living her life in the now, for what was to come in her near future. Though she knew the approximate date the bridegroom was expected to come for her, she was never quiet sure of the exact day or time. This made the preparations all the more exciting as she awoke each morning with an eager expectation of her bridegroom coming to the door to finally claim her as his own.

 As we shopped for drapes and compared chevron stripes to just the right shade of peachy pink, I was struck with the fact that God speaks even through these earthly, temporal, material things. And I was reminded that while I am preparing a tiny room for my future daughter to come home to, My Husband, my Redeemer is also preparing a place for me. As His bride I get the humble privilege to live my life in preparation for that moment and eternity beyond. Because, when the shofar sounds announcing that He is coming, Oh, how I want to be found ready! I don’t want to be caught up in all the things that rob me of my goal of becoming His pure and spotless bride. Instead, I want each and everything I do to work together in the culmination of preparing me for Him.

This is why adoption beats strong and heavy in the heart of Yahweh.

Sweet Hannah Joy sits alone tonight, an ocean away with no idea, picture, or concept of the love of a family or of a Father. And as we scurry around hanging drapes, and cleaning out old cribs to make a place for her, we get to live the gospel. What, on the surface appears to be striped curtains and polka dot crib bedding becomes the soft welcome of covenant love to a weary one. We look forward to welcoming her here, into this family, not just to give her the picture of the Father’s love, but also to tell her, that whatever this life may bring, she too can be a bride one day and has a Bridegroom that is preparing a place for her.

If you are His, He is preparing a place for you too. And all of your life really comes down to this one thing… Are you ready for your Bridegroom to come? And when He comes, will He find you faithfully doing that which His heart loves and esteems? Let us make ourselves ready.

The voice of one crying in the wilderness: “Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” Isaiah 40:3

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