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A Room Filled with Joy!

I have to admit, that this turned out to be one of the prettiest little closets I have ever seen!  It may be small in size, but it is filled with lots of love and prayer.  My mom and I had fun running around trying to piece together each little thing that said collectively what my heart desired.  The more kids that fill this home the less we fuss about what is on the walls, and instead focus more on what we are putting into their hearts.  But, when you get to nest and prepare a place, it sure is fun to make it pretty!  This closet is in our room so we will be able to keep her close until she gets too big for the crib, at which point we will move her in with her sister.

I still need to add family photos to the collage on the wall and some trim to the window shade, but for now we are busying ourselves with paper work, Fed Ex drops, and all the logistics that will lead the way to China.   Would you join us in prayer as we step forward in faith to bring home more JOY than we can imagine?


and After:



  1. Debbie

    The room is adorable! Great job on pulling it all together!

  2. Rachele Funk

    Beautiful family. I’m an adoptive mom (also bi-racial) and a lover of chickens, homeschooling and Jesus Christ. Thanks for sharing your talent. . . Rachele aka Craftyagentmom

  3. Sarah

    Oh this is so beautiful!

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