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Blood Brothers

These 2 boys bless my heart.  Such a sweet picture of brotherly love.  Ten months apart, chocolate and vanilla, they could have never known each another.  But through God’s tender mercy they are brothers – blood brothers.

When Joshua was just 3 months old and 2 bright pink lines raced down the plastic stick in hand, I had to work to breath.  How would I do this?  Wait, I couldn’t do it…  Care for 4 kids 4 and under?  Teach, love, educate, and care for their unique needs?  All while fighting in court for the completion of an adoption?  He had to be kidding…


He wasn’t.


What I couldn’t see then were these 2 boys.   The loving and the wrestling and the racing and the laughter.  I couldn’t see my “twins” from different continents sewn and knit together as forever friends.

 Can you hear “chariots of fire yet”??? 

I could have missed this, they could have missed this.  But because God’s love is great and His pursuit relentless, we didn’t.  He saw past the overwhelm and the long nights and the tears to this beautiful picture of love.

Blood brothers indeed – His blood.  Which covers and binds and knits together families that show us beautiful pieces of His heart.


  1. Amy @ Wildflower Ramblings

    How blessed your boys are to have you as their mama 🙂 This is so beautiful!!!

    • admin

      Thank you Amy for such kind words. Blessings to you…

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