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There may be some 3000 odd square feet between these walls, but right now it may as well be 12 because they feel small, squeezed, limiting.  Even wide open spaces can feel like a trap when you are STUCK.  When 8 little eyes stare you down each minute needing just one more thing- a drink of water, food, entertainment, help, intervention, discipline – the stuck can feel forever.  The requests, the clinging, the fighting, the complaining, it goes on and on.

You know you are thankful, but it can feel like your burial some days.

Like you can’t move, like it is pressing down on you-the weight of it: the responsibility and the logistics.  The laundry and the dishes and the training of kids can be the glue that makes you STUCK.  Today I want to run- just being honest here – to be free, to cut loose and feel the wind at my back.  To feel adventure and fun and like I don’t have to give another thing to another person…

AND THEN I HEAR HIM.  In my tiny tabernacle with glass walls where the water washes more than the dirt from my skin- He whispers with a shout.  You ARE stuck.  It is MY DOING.  Because you have to get STUCK before you can be STRUCK and I am waiting…

STUCK: a verb: To push a sharp or pointed object into or through something; to fix something on a point.

He was first STUCK.  Stuck to the cross with nails-it wasn’t his doing but His Father’s.  Him STUCK with nails should be my STUCK to Him.  To fix myself on Him, He should be my point, the place I live, stay, breathe the place I surrender myself to.

But too often I am fighting the stuck, just wanting to escape to something that FEELS better.  Am I alone here, or are you hearing me???  Because He is waiting on me on us…

He wants to turn our STUCK into STRUCK.  But first we have to be willing to be slow, uncomfortable, looking for Him.  When we quit squirming and settle into the unsettled He can come in and add His “R” to the stuck places.

His “R”: rest, reassurance, resolve, rescue, righteousness…

He can show Himself to me, REVEAL himself in the moments when life feels the caving and pressing.  When the kids are screaming and fighting, and lunch needs to be fixed and I don’t want to fold another shirt or clean up another mess or talk to another soul…

When we have no where else to go.  When we are desperate for what He has to give – He breaks through and moves us

from stuck to struck.

STRUCK with His glory and grace and beauty and awe.  Being STRUCK always leads to something more – it begs a response.  TO real living, not the kind for here and now but the other kind, the eternal kind.  It leads to action, to the laying down of oneself  and to doing something more.  To seeing the STUCK of others and how really, if we are honest, though we may feel stuck WE ARE REALLY FREE.


SO, how can we see that truth and not act?

Our STUCK, can lead to our STRUCK, and then ultimately it should lead to OTHERS FREEDOM.

And so I want to do something about it – transform my little caving life, the one that feels STUCK within these walls to something other.  Something more…

Wanna join me?

We could turn STUCK into STRUCK and then into FREEDOM.  Isn’t that what it is all about?

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Galatians 5:1 RIGHT?

Come back next week to see where He is leading?  We can go somewhere, build something, weave life right here.  You and me in our own small evaporating lives right where we are – in our walls – we can love beyond them…

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