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Resurrection Basket: Free Printable Pack

I love all things easter.  Cute bunnies, egg hunts, pretty baskets filled with goodies… but none of these things mean anything.  Last year we changed our celebrations to really celebrate the Lord, His sacrificial death, and miraculous resurrection from the grave.  I don’t want my kids to think Easter + God, I want us to simply celebrate RESURRECTION, because without it we are dead.  It is His resurrection that gives us life freed from the power of sin and death!  I want that to be what we celebrate and talk about.  But I also want to celebrate in beauty with treats that delight their little hearts because those little gifts are what makes the day special.

To help with our Christ centered celebrations I created this resurrection pack of printable stitched eggs and crosses.  The eggs spell out “Jesus is Risen” along with some matching crosses to help us keep Him central.  Each egg has a letter on the top and part of a poem starting with that letter written on the bottom.  When read all together in sequence it tells the story of His resurrection and it’s importance in our lives.  The poem rhymes which makes it fun for little ones and helps them to remember it as well.

There is a girly set and a boyish set in the pack so that you can tailor it to your needs.

The printable eggs are the size of the larger plastic eggs you can buy at any store ( I got mine form Hobby Lobby) so that you can glue them to the front of the eggs and then fill them with treats.

You can use them to make a resurrection basket like I did or you can use them in other ways as well.  Here are some ideas on how to use the printables to enhance your family celebrations:

  1. Resurrection Baskets:  Print out eggs and hot glue them to the front of plastic eggs that are filled with treats.  Or use the eggs to decorate the actual basket of goodies around the outside.  Use the crosses for initials so they know which basket is which.  Once the excitement of looking through their baskets is over sit everyone down and read the poem together.
  2. Educational Egg Hunt: Laminate the eggs, hide them, and then have an egg hunt.  The first person to find all their letters (it my help to have each person in a separate room) and spell out Jesus is Risen wins a prize or receives their basket on Resurrection Sunday.
  3. Neighborhood Egg Hunt: You could print the eggs out and hide them inside of plastic eggs along with treats.  This would be a great opportunity to reach out and share the true meaning of Easter with friends and Neighbors.  At the end you could gather everyone together and read the short poem aloud.  You could laminate the crosses in the packet and add initials to them and give them away as little bookmark thank you’s.
  4. Easter Tree Ornaments: You could hole punch the eggs and hang them on an easter tree.
  5. Resurrection Day Countdown: You could use them as a 12 day countdown to Resurrection day putting them up on the wall and rereading the poem each day with the newest egg added.  On Resurrection Sunday you would have the whole story to look forward to.
  6. Bunting: You could tie the eggs and/or crosses together and make a decoration for your mantel or stair rail.

I hope this pack helps you and your family celebrate Jesus and His Resurrection in a fun and beautiful way this easter season!

Click here to download the Resurrection Pack


  1. Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

    Your resurrection basket is absolutely beautiful. I so appreciate the printables and your idea. I’m going to make one or more for us. Have a lovely day.

    • admin

      Thanks Lori, I am so glad that you are going to use them. May your Easter be filled with lots of Joy as you celebrate Jesus! Blessings to you.

  2. hsmominmo

    What a wonderful idea – and cute – and fun!
    We have used a set of resurrection eggs for years, hanging each little item on our Resurrection Tree. I do like this little printable set you have, giving a new twist on our old tradition. Thanks for sharing!
    (stopping by via Thrifty Thursday)

    • admin

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Hope they add a fun new twist to your resurrection celebrations!

  3. Christina of Play Eat Grow

    These are super cute and a great way to keep Jesus central in Easter. Thanks for sharing such a great resource!

    • admin

      Thanks for stopping by Christina, I hope they are a blessing to you!

  4. Cindy

    Thank you so much for these beautiful printables! I love all your ideas for using them too! Buntings, tree ornaments, countdown…I can’t decide! Maybe I’ll just have to make a few copies so we can enjoy them in different ways in the weeks leading up to Easter! Who knows, maybe by the we’ll even have the poem memorized!

    • admin

      Cindy, I love your idea of memorizing the poem! It is short and has a nice cadence, so my kids would probably love to do that too. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by! The name of your blog is adorable by the way! ;o)

  5. janie patterson

    Love, love, love this!!!! Can’t wait to make them for my four kids. Thank you so much for your generous, creative heart. I am blessed by you today.

    • admin

      Oh Janie, I am so glad you are going to use them! Thank you for your sweet words, and your comment was a blessing to me, so double blessed we are! Have a great week!

  6. Jackie Terry

    Thank You so much for this great idea! It saddens my heart that society has made Easter so comercialized with bunnies and eggs and thats not what Easter is all about. Not that there is anything wrong with bunnies and eggs but let’s not forgrt about the ultimate sacrafice made out of perfect love for us by our Lord Jesus Christ! I am so excited to share this with my son this Easter and possibly start a new tradition in our family with the poem. May God bless you and your family. What a beautiful talent He has given you. : )

  7. Melissa

    What a blessing to share! Thank you. I can’t wait to use them.

  8. Allison

    I love this and agree with what you wrote about celebrating the Resurrection! I’m featuring this on The Sunday Showcase.

    • admin

      Thanks for featuring Allison, I will be sure to stop by on Sunday!

  9. Happy Home Fairy

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

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  11. Tracie

    Thank you so much for your Christ centered Valentines/and Easter printables. I will be printing and using them for the up coming months to use with my family to bring us closer to God. again thank you for sharing your talents with us.
    P.S. have you ever entertained the thought of making a Christ centered Christmas printable? Much like the Easter printable but with ornaments or lights?

    • admin

      Tracie- I am so glad you will be able to use these! And yes I have been planning something for Christmas but haven’t had the time yet this year, so hopefully by next Christmas I will have it done and ready. So keep checking back in- Oh if only there were a few more hours in the day! :o) Blessings to you!

  12. nikki

    thanks for sharing I came from happy home fairy’s website to you. these will be great to share with my sunday school group. God Bless

  13. Stephanie Cohrac

    I just printed these out!! I’m so excited to use these this year!! thank you for making these and for free! Its such a blessing! Happy Easter!!

  14. Judi Johnson

    I am not sure how I found you but I am in LOVE with this idea. While all my children are grown I will still use this idea on their baskets, and for my grandchildren. I just wish this had been around 30 years ago. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless You!

  15. Molly

    Thank you so much for this beautiful printable! My girls will love waking up to this Easter Morning!

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