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Letter Playdough Mats

I was in search for some more activities to use for our textile letter time each week in our curriculum.  So I came up with this idea while the kids were playing play dough one day.  We have used play dough mats before, but not for letter activities.  I like that it gives them a 3-D approach to making the letter and also it allows them to be creative with the theme of the week.   It is nice because both my 5 and 3 year old can do it together and they both have fun because they can do it on their own level.  I print mine out in color and laminate it.  If you don’t have a laminator just slide it into a clear page protector sheet from any office store and it will be ready to play on.  You can see the nest mat in action here.  My Fathers World has given me permission to use their themes and share these with you.   I plan to make the other units available very soon and will post them as soon as I have them ready.

I made these to go along with My Fathers World Curriculum, but these would be a great addition to any curriculum or you could use them just for fun.  For those who do busy bags with your kids, these would make a great bag.  I hope these are helpful, enjoy!

Click here to download the first 7 play dough mats including letters: S,M,L,A,N,T, and U



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  1. Christie Kiley

    Pinning this, looking forward to more, thanks!

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