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October Calendar Printables

I am working on putting together a calendar board that we can use everyday.  I am not finished yet with it (when I do I will post on it) , but I do have the actual calendar part done.  I am using a small pocket chart from the Target dollar section for the calendar base (it is perfect because it is smaller than most school calendars out there and it was only 1$).  I used this post from All Our Days to make it even better than I had originally thought of by sewing a few lines to make the little pockets more stable.  In order to make it more fun for the kiddos I am creating fun themes for the different months.  I just finished our October one and although we are a few days in already, I thought I would share them with you to use if you have the same size calendar as we do. Click here to download the oct calendar printable.

I use ours like this. I let the kids turn over the card for each day so they can see where we are a little bit easier.


Here is the calendar hung up with all the days showing.



  1. Allyson @ All Our Days

    I love you calendar printable! I also like how you only turn over the days when they arrive, I need to start doing this.

    Thanks so much for linking to our tutorial, your calendar looks great.

    • admin

      Sure, thanks for showing me how to sew it! I will be making more calendar printables and will let you know when I do!

  2. chantae

    I have the regular size calendar, but I love these…not too creepy halloween-ish like so many I have found! Did you end of making more for the rest of the months?! I am new to your site and tried to look a little…thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Chantee, I haven’t yet, but plan too, especially since we are using our calendar a lot more this year. I am hoping to have some done before the major holiday months and will share as soon as I do! Blessings, and thanks for reading!

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