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Turtle Unit: MFW Kindergarden

We had a fun week reading and learning about turtles.  We did lots of hands on activities with this unit which is always fun for the kids.  My favorite part of this unit was our words to remember, “I don’t quit, I persevere”.  It is short and sweet but so applicable to everyone in the family, including me.  I am a great starter, but have always struggled to run the long race of endurance.  Right now my life is jam packed full of lessons on how to teach me to go the distance and finish strong.   So it was neat to get to talk about that very thing with my kiddos during our school time.  Here are some of the highlights from this unit:

We used foam turtle stickers to make our T’s

We used our turtle play dough mat for forming our t’s. You can download these to use for free here.

We used this printable from mama jenn for Caleb to begin copy work on our words to remember. This was his first attempt at it and he did it without me, because i had to deal with a melting down tired baby. This was more of a test for me to see if he was ready for this sort of thing. He enjoyed making the turtle more than the copy work, but a good first step in learning how to print without tracing.

We had a turtle sandwich for lunch. I used honey dew for the head and legs, sliced grapes for the shell and raisins for the eyes. I served it with a bowl of yogurt for “dipping and swimming”.  The kids always love a themed lunch.

I made a pond sensory bin with: blue water beads, rocks, glass beads, silk leaves, and a pond Toob with frogs and turtles. We added our bottle top turtles for extra sensory fun.

MG got in on the action this week too with her new school notebook. I will do a separate post on this and include the printables we used, but she loved it and I was impressed at how well she worked along with us.

Thanks for reading, and blessings to you!

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