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Multi-Cultural Playdough Gingerbread Men


I love when I can weave in elements that include everyone’s skin color in our house. It just reinforces that God made us all beautiful and unique and those things should be celebrated! For this activity I just grabbed some play dough I had on hand and filled a cup cake tin full of fun decorations. I also sprinkled some gold glitter into the play dough and mushed it all around to make it sparkly. I gave them a cookie cutter and a gingerbread mold and off they went creating. I made one too and it was fun! I could have sat there all day, but alas no one would have eaten so onward to my chores I went!


Here is what I used in our tray: glass stones, different shaped beads, buttons, foam candy canes and candies, wooden sticks for cutting and smoothing, a few plastic pokers to make holes and sequins.


This would be really fun if you made your own play dough that was scented or made the edible kind and used candies and sprinkles to decorate.

I also used the letter gingerbread men from these gingerbread printables to add some good educational fun to our day.

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