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Us- Our Five Senses: MFW Unit 7

We just finished up our “God made us Wonderful” unit on the letter U and our 5 senses.  I was not super excited about this unit just because it didn’t seem there was a lot of crafty stuff to do and we have had a lot going on with business trips and family in town.  But in the end it was actually a fun unit.  I don’t have a ton of pictures because a lot of our activities this week were things like listening to sounds outside or feeling objects inside a bag.  Anyway, here are some highlights:

We made u’s out of jello. I used our letter cookie cutters and made the jello using the jiggler recipe. We practiced using descriptive words as we investigated how these looked, felt, smelled, and tasted. This was a great sensory exercise and a great snack too!

We played lots of sense games this week. One was blindfolded taste tests on mini spoons. I can remember playing this as a little girl, except we would try and get our friends to taste gross things. This time around I made sure everything was tasty and Caleb guessed 5 out of 7 right!

MG did some more things in her Tot notebook. She made a “u” out of hand print stickers.

We also did these color hand puzzles. found these foam hands on clearance in the Target dollar section a few weeks ago. I just cut them up in different ways and then they put them back together. It was great for color matching for MG and Caleb enjoyed the puzzle aspect.

We also played in the water taking advantage of the still very warm weather. This was fun to all their senses!

Caleb tried to swim in the bucket as he dunked away, boys will be boys!


And of course littlest brother took notice and starting trying to dunk his head too! Water up the nose and that was the end of sensory play for this little guy. Oh that My my keeps me on my toes. :o)


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