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Apple Unit: MFW week 4

This week as we studied the letter “A” and everything apple.  It made me wish that fall was already here. Oh my goodness, I love FALL!  It is my most favorite time of the year.  The cooler weather, the wonderful cooking, all the holiday fun to look forward to, it is just wonderful.  Ok, so back to school, we did all of our usual handwriting practice, we learned about greater than and less than, and we read some great apple books.  The theme was “If I stay in Jesus I will have much fruit”.  We spent lots of time talking about the differences between edible fruit and the fruit of the spirit.  The apple theme turned out to be a very yummy week with lots of practical life lessons in the kitchen.  Here are some of our favorites from the week.

Apple sensory bin. This one was so fun to make: green split peas, plastic apples from Joannes, red and green pom poms, red glass stones, red and green beads, and some pipe cleaners

we used the beads for counting and ordering the numbers from least to greatest.

We sorted our apples in the sensory bin by size and then graphed them using this Apple Graph chart.

We did a science experiment to see how an apple would dry out. We discovered the star shape that God hid inside the apple, the kids thought it was cool and so did I!

homemade baked apple chips, these were so good!  Here is the recipe I used.  But I sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar mixture instead of just plain cinnamon.  I also used a granny smith and a macintosh for variety. Mine only took 1 hour to bake.

A yummy apple sandwich for snack time with homemade peanut butter and raisins

We made these cute apple trees. We painted toilet paper rolls for the trunks and made the apples with our fingerprints. They were great because all 3 kids could participate and had fun doing it there own way.

This was a special treat! For dessert one night I surprised the kids with an apple dipping bar. They could choose either caramel or nutella and then dipped into the toppings. If you do this make sure to dip your apple slices in orange juice so they don’t brown before you dip. And also make sure you chop up your toppings really small so they will stick to your apples and not fall off.   It was fun, messy, and soooo good.

So many choices, so hard to choose!

She was in heaven!

We also made a baked apple pancake. You can get the recipe here. The name pancake is a little misleading, it is more like a dense custard consistency than a cakey one. But it is really yummy and easy as you make it in a blender.



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