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I is for Insect: MFW Unit 11

We had a fun insect unit!  The only thing we missed was making an ant farm because I forgot to order the ants- oops- You know I was so CRUSHED over that.  Maybe later on we will do it, or maybe not ;o)

We talked about being a wise child and working hard like the ant works hard.  I just love MFW curriculum and how they tie in scripture to God’s creation!

We also read the book “Be NIce to Spiders”.  What is so fun about this book is that it was mine when I was a child.  I have a box of books that we saved from childhood and so I pull them out when they fit into our units.  The kids LOVE knowing mommy used to read the same book and I love it because the stories and illustrations are vintage.  It reminds me of simpler times and I love sharing that with the kids.  If you don’t have any old books I would encourage you to try a few vintage books.  The look, feel, and smell is so unique and the best part is you can usually find them on amazon at great prices because they are used.

Anyway, here are some of the highlights from our unit on Insects, we had fun and hope that some of these ideas will help you have fun too!

Meet Conex the Colorful Caterpillar (that is what Caleb named him)! This was fun and didn’t require anything except some pom poms and a table. You could make this into a math activity by using a ruler to study measurement and also use the colors to make patterns.

We had an insect lunch with fruit and Nutella. You can see my full post on that here.

We played this really fun movement game that I found here. I printed out the cards and added numbers to the back of them. Then we rolled our number dice and they choose a card with that number on it. Then everyone had to do what the card said. They LOVED this and is was a really good activity for getting some indoor excercise.

We made these adorable insect nature collages. First we went on a nature walk and collected all sorts of sticks and leaves. Then we came back and choose things that looked like bug shapes. We glued them down and colored around them to make them look like bugs. The kids really got into this. I had to help with some of the drawing, but they turned out so cute and they were really proud of them when they were all done.

The kids played with this insect sensory bin. I was feeling like they needed a little messy play. So I put a bunch of shaving cream into a tub and then added insects and rocks. I also gave them a bowl of water which became and insect bath. Lots of fun!


For more insect ideas you can follow my pinterest “I is for Insect” board right here!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone!

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