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The Wrecking Ball

I know I said next week, but this first because I am reeling over here, and really THIS is where we begin…

Sometimes truth can be just that: a wrecking ball.  Smashing to bits all the falsehood that surrounds.  It can come with such weight – such force that it literally demolishes everything that can’t stand up eternally…

First there is this, if you haven’t read it, you need to.  And then this.  Sweet girl struggling after her miracle heart just to survive.  And then this weekend this, a shocking tragedy I can’t even begin to fathom.  SUCH PAIN ALL AROUND.

And yet here I sit.  This is me, and my guess is you too.  In my nice little American dream of a life, broken yet comfortable.  Until the wrecking ball hits and just shatters all of it to pieces.  When you see through all the comfort and padding that keeps real need far enough away to really hurt.  It leaves your heart wanting, hungry, knowing it was made for more.

And for a moment you see as HE DOES.  The realness of it all, the hopelessness of the world, the eternal-ness of people, and the deep need of a Savior.

And like me you might be wrecked, you might be tear-stained and unable to think of any one thing because it IS ALL TOO BIG to really process.  The need too great to hold- like buckets of sand falling through cracked fingers, HOW CAN YOU REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS DEPRAVED WORLD?

The problem may be BIG, but the answer is small.  He shames the wise with the simple and the gospel is always turning everything on its head and so why do we think BIG problem, BIG answer?  Because BIG isn’t working.

Big church buildings with even bigger parking lots sit empty most of the week taking up money and space and air while mothers sex traffic down the street and babies have no roof over their head.  We make pastors into celebrities and church into concerts that make us feel good, while most people walk out those doors still dead in their transgressions mistaking how they feel for TRUE SALVATION.  We have looked at the world and the BIG problems and we have become BIG in an effort to solve them.  Thinking that we could compete – win them all over – be like them-but not?

But the truth is that the BIG isn’t changed with BIG, it’s transformed in the small.

The answer to the pain can’t be found until you cozy up quiet to another soul and pour out love.  It’s in the investment of a life, in the laying down of your own everything for the sake of another’s soul where the miraculous is unleashed.  This is where answers are found.  Where water is given and wounds are healed and souls are exposed in their wanting and needs are met- one eternal soul to another.

This is where I sit.

I am overwhelmed in the BIG; with my responsibility to it.

But, He quiets me.

Says, “listen to My voice, live My Words, be like ME- be willing to make the difference in the small”.  In the one life I put in your path, in the way ward child, in the neighbor, the friend, the compassion child in Africa that needs a meal and a letter of love.  The answer for everyone is found in THE ONE and in the one- on-one.  

But are we willing to forsake the idols of BIG? Big money, big success, big fame, big cars, big houses, big ministry, big churches, big retirements, big names for ourselves- ANY name for ourselves?

Will we lay down the big to pursue the small?  The one He asks us to love?

This was His life – His legacy, loving the small.  Day after day, night after night discipling those whom His Father had chosen, loving them, pouring himself out for them.  And in living the small He accomplished the BIG- The BIG for me, and for you, and for the broken.

The answers to the BIG are found in the small.

It’s in the aftermath of all the wreckage.  When truth has leveled all that it isn’t and only what is eternal remains that real transformation takes place.  When we see clear as day the needs and offer up our small life to make the difference.  It may look small, seem small, even feel small.  But that is where the BIG answers are found, right there in the small life surrendered to Him.

Looking forward to the next post, weaving a family of compassion, will you weave with us?


  1. Kimberly

    I just wanted you to know that this post really spoke to me. Too often I find myself struggling with wanting to make a BIG impact in the world but it seems God has seemingly “smaller” plans for me. I just came across your blog tonight accidentally but have already bookmarked numerous pages. I love how intentional your parenting is and love how you incorporate your faith into so many activities for the little ones. I have been trying to think of ways to begin teaching my 2 year old more about God and my faith. Thank you for sharing and God bless!

    • admin

      Kimberly, I am humbled and so grateful that God would lead you here and encourage you. Blessings to you and your little one, may we all continue to grow in Him!

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